International Federation of Funakoshi Shotokan South Africa




Shotokan Karate IFFSKSA Histroy

1.1 Establishment

  • The International Federation of Funakoshi Shotokan Karate South Africa (IFFSKSA) was established in 1984.
  • The Founder, President and Chief Instructor Shihan Eric Govender 7th Dan, has led the organization from inception.
  • Shihan Eric Govender's aim was to build an organization that stands for excellence without exclusion, that produces karateka's and instructors who are both knowledgeable in both KATA and KUMITE and be capable of expressing their own ideas.
  • The IFFSKSA is a non profit organization, with the aim of developing a high standard that provides means of keeping fit both mentally and physically as well as building self confidence and learning self defence.

1.2 Structure

  • The Headquarters or the organization is based in Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.
  • Branches exists in the following regions: KwaZulu Natal, Gauteng, Northern Cape, Western Cape, North West Province, Free State, Upington, Mapumalanga.
  • International Branches in India and Sri Lanka

1.3 Membership

  • The IFFSKSA currently enjoys a membership in excess of 2500 members in South Africa.

1.4 Achievements

  • The IFFSKSA has proudly produced Seniors, Juniors and Cadets Protea Colours in National All Style Championships as KSA members.
  • The organization has celebrated its 21st Anniversary in August 2005. The World President and Chief Instructor of FSKA Shihan Kenneth Funakoshi, graced the function with the Minister of Sport and Recreation  of KwaZulu Natal, Mr. Amichand Rajbansi and Deputy Mayor Councilor Logie Naidoo